Microsoft Windows Terminal

Rikin Shah
2 min readApr 14, 2021

What is Microsoft Windows Terminal? Windows Terminal is a multi-tabbed command line application and is a modern alternative to command line tools like PowerShell, Command Prompt and Windows Subsystem for Linux. Best thing about it is, its fully customizable.


  • Multi-tabbed/pane
  • Open Source
  • Unicode and UTF-8 characters support (you can add emojis on command prompt!!)
  • Fully customizable (create your own theme, background, colors, text, and shortcuts)
  • GPU accelerated text — DirectX/DirectWrite text rendering engine is used to render text

How to Customize your Terminal PowerShell window:
Open Windows Terminal and go to Settings. This will open settings.json file in the any editor you have already installed. By default Windows Terminal is equipped with 3 profiles: Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell. Here, I have taken example of Windows PowerShell. Go to Windows PowerShell in profiles array in the settings.json file and add below attributes and notice the change right away.

  • Change Opacity
    “useAcrylic”: true,
    “acrylicOpacity”: 0.4
  • Change Background Image
    “backgroundImage”: “C:\\Users\\Rikin\\Pictures\\backiee-63786.jpg”,
    “backgroundImageOpacity”: 0.8

Similarly using this settings.json you can set default directory, different themes for different profiles. You can also create desktop shortcuts to open predefined consoles into multiple tabs and panes.



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